Thursday, February 10, 2011

Georgia Seniors Get Very Low-Cost Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy

(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new low-cost Medicare Supplement insurance policy is now approved for sale to seniors in Georgia. The Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commission has approved a very low-cost Medicare Supplement insurance plan for seniors and Georgia is among the first states in the nation to allow this supplemental insurance plan to be offered to its citizens. The availability of this low-cost supplemental plan for Georgia seniors was announced today by State Mutual Insurance Company of Rome, GA.

“We have eliminated a substantial cost element in this process”

State Mutual President and CEO, Dee Yancey III, said that Georgia residents of Medicare age now have access to one of the lowest cost Medicare supplement insurance plans available anywhere in the nation. Yancey said that State Mutual Insurance Company will allow Medicare-age consumers to apply for the supplemental Medicare insurance policy online, without having to talk with an insurance agent. “They can go online ( to fill out a confidential application and only buy the coverage they determine for themselves that best supplements their Medicare,” he said. “They can go forward secure in the knowledge that no one is going to try to sell them anything,” he said.

State Mutual was founded in 1936 and is licensed in 41 states and the District of Columbia. Yancey said that by using the Internet and allowing consumers to fill out their own applications online, the company has been able to substantially reduce its costs and the price it charges to consumers. “Consumers can also call the company for assistance in filling out applications,” he said.

A quick random comparison of Medicare supplement policies available in a number of states shows that the State Mutual policy is generally the lowest cost in most categories, and in some cases, costing less than half the price of the most expensive policies for the same coverage.

The online program allows an interested customer to review and select a policy, see a price quote, submit an application, receive confirmation of coverage and receive his or her policy in a few minutes of online time. Most policies will be issued within a working day, rather than the customary one- to two-month wait for underwriting review and processing. The customer can also download his or her policy and store it for review at any time. Consumers who wish to speak to a customer service representative, either to obtain information or to apply for a policy, can do so by calling 1-855-764-4000.

Yancey said that the low-cost of the State Mutual Insurance Company policy is achieved by empowering the customer to go online for most, if not all, of the information and application phase of obtaining Medicare supplement insurance. “We have eliminated a substantial cost element in this process,” he said. “This benefits the consumer who can obtain a superior insurance policy from an established company very quickly and inexpensively,” he said.

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