Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When Making An Insurance Claim During Severe Weather Make Sure Your Insurer Knows How To Reach You

/PRNewswire/ -- The Georgia Insurance Information Service (GIIS) reminds all Georgians affected by the Tropical Storm Ida to inform your insurer as soon as possible if you have damage, and to make sure your insurer knows how to reach you if you cannot be reached at your home.

The GIIS Web Site at http://giis.org/cat/800.shtml has the catastrophe hotline numbers for all member companies.

-- If your roof is damaged and water is entering your home, when it is
safe, put a tarp or similar covering over the damage to prevent
further destruction from occurring.
-- If you must leave your home, make sure your insurer knows where you
will be staying and how to reach you.
-- Be very careful around downed lines and don't assume you know the
difference between a power line, a cable line or a phone line.
-- Follow all law enforcement directives.
-- If you can safely take photographs of the damage do so to present to
your insurance adjuster.
-- It is most important to have a home inventory of your belongings room
by room for your adjuster. If you do not have one, free home
inventory software is available from the GIIS Home Page,
http://www.giis.org/. Look for a blue and gray button on the upper
right of your screen.

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